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Roof Cleaning



The main culprit of most roof staining that causes prevalent black streaks is a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Many of the organisms that grow on a roof, including mildew, algae, bacteria, moss, lichen, and fungi, copulate in the warm, moist environment created by a roof, Your roof isn't simply filthy -- it's infected!


  • Asphalt Shingles: Bacteria feed on the limestone found in asphalt shingles. Heavy dark streaks or masses mean more damage. This creates erosion and granular loss, causing them to weaken, discolor, harden and crack, resulting in replacement sooner

  • Soft washing can be used on ALL roof types!

    • Asphalt

    • Metal

    • Membrane/Rubber

    • ​Cedar/Wood Shake

    • Slate/Tile 



  • Cleaner roofs look better, last longer, and increase home value

  • Our soft washing application and solutions not only clean stains, but also sanitize, penetrate, and eliminate the root of the issue, resulting in a safer longer lasting clean

  • Manufacturer recommended method by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF (North America's Largest Roofing Manufacturer) for cleaning asphalt shingle roofs

    • "Caution! NEVER PRESSURE WASH YOUR ROOF!  High-pressure washing systems are likely to damage asphalt roofing and should not be used on asphalt roofing for removing algae or for any other purpose." – ARMA




  • Higher Utility Bills:  Bacteria causes your roof to absorb heat, making your home work harder and cost more money to cool 

  • Unsightly Curb Appeal:  Ugly roof stains cosmetically bring down the appeal and value of your property

  • Increased Allergies:  ​Bacteria creates an increase in allergic reactions for people who are allergen prone

  • Decreased Resale/Home Value:  A new roof is a costly investment. Homebuyers will pay more for a roof that is properly cleaned

  • Lesser Life Span of Roof: Bacteria feeds on organic material and breaks down the surface, which decomposes and needs replacement sooner, especially if pressure washing is used


Did you know that it is estimated that 70% of homeowners re-roof their home way too early? Let us save you thousands of dollars by soft washing your roof for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Think about it for a minute. Your roof was designed to last 25-30 years (asphalt shingles). Why would you re-roof before it is needed and waste all that money?

Many homeowners are hesitant to have their roofs cleaned because they are uneducated on the benefits of soft washing. They might have heard horror stories of fly-by-night companies trying to clean roofs and damaging their landscaping or the roof itself. Frequently asked questions are “Will it hurt my plants?”, ” What do you use to clean the roof?”, or “Do you guys use a pressure washer?”