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San Angelo Soft Wash, LLC


We are a locally owned & operated exterior cleaning company, highly versed in tailoring solutions for clients.

We are licensed, trained & experienced to handle all your exterior cleaning needs.
Based in San Angelo, Texas, but also serving greater surrounding west Texas counties.

At San Angelo Soft Wash our highest priorities are our customers, built on integrity, our main objective is to offer top-tier customer service while delivering results through team collaboration.

If you are ready to bring back your property’s curb appeal, give us a call today.





House Soft Washing

Siding, Decks, Fences, Brick, Concrete, Driveways, Spiderweb Removal, Bulk Sanitizing & More!


Driveway Cleaning

The exterior of your house is what makes the first impression, including the driveway. 


Stain Removal

Concrete Stain Removal & Specialty Stain Removal Safely Removed from Any Surface!



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The traditional, high-pressure method of cleaning uses 1,500+ PSI blasting inches away from the surface of your home to clean. High pressure can be damaging & destructive on your property. High-pressure washing blasts only the surface of the stain, leaving the root of the bacteria to grow back faster. Pressure washing should not be used for roof cleaning. If used on asphalt shingle roof it could void your manufacturer roof warranty



Soft washing is the safe alternative to pressure washing. Only about 80+ PSI (good garden hose pressure) applying biodegradable solutions to the home, then simply rinse away with water. Gentle, low-pressure technology is safe for all surfaces. We use biodegradable, water-based solutions to emulsify dirt and grime and sanitize mildew, algae & other bacteria for a longer-lasting clean.