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Patio/Decking, Fence Washing & Gutter Cleaning


Patio & Deck Cleaning

Maintain the beauty & elegance your deck brings to your home. Your home’s outdoor structures (decks, fences, gazebos) enhance the beauty and value of your property. But left neglected they all too easily become an eyesore. Let us help you maintain the beauty & integrity of your outdoor structures with our professional deck cleaning. Our team is experienced with all material types, including wood, brick, rock, composite surfaces including Trex decking. Our cleaning service is ideal for outdoor decks, patios, pool decking, fences, gazebos, arbors, furniture & more!

If you are planning on staining your deck, it can’t be done until you’ve cleaned it thoroughly. The process we use will rid the surface of dirt and grime so you have a fresh surface to start with.




Fence Cleaning

Sunlight exposure and weather conditions take a toll on your fence. Bring your fencing back to its initial magnificence with our specialized cleaning process, which works on all types of fences consisting of wood, vinyl, brick, or synthetic. A good cleaning with the right approach will certainly have you thankful you really did not get it changed.




Exterior Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters exterior to ensure that water is funneled away from your home, preventing it from collecting around its foundation, perhaps creating damages or permeating inside.